Serve Me

Custom Clips & Video Calls

Video call – From 1000AED/30 min

Custom made clip – From 700AED/5-7 min

Voice message chatting – From 500AED/30 min

– Revolut or OnlyFans Payment options –

– No refund policy –

Booking Options

💎Chamber Command💎

Starting at 5000AED/2h

As I traverse the world, I insist on collaborating only with the most superior and fully-equipped dungeons. This option is exclusively for subs who have proven themselves or newcomers willing to surrender to my absolute control.


💎Elegant Supremacy💎

Without session – From 2000AED/2-3h

With session – From 8000AED/5h

Perfect for initiates or online devotees craving to serve me in person. I demand appreciation for art, museums, jazz, and opulent dining with exquisite wines.

Invite me, and submit to my desires. I revel in dominating you in public environments.


💎Dual Domination💎

From 7500AED/2h

A whispered revelation… it’s my ultimate preference.

Submit to a surreal experience, where you are ensnared by both pleasure and torment under my unyielding command.

My dominant nature will consume you, as my deceptively sweet submissive counterpart joins the mix. Doubtful that you can handle such intensity, but… attempt it at your own peril.


💎Nightlong Authority💎


Restful beauty sleep included


💎Singular Possession💎


Strictly for those I deem worthy

Expected tributes include Cartier, Tom Ford, and Dior.